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Psalm 16. Spending the first week of Easter reflecting on the responsorial psalms! #prayerjournal #artistic
And Easter goes on! #easterseason #Catholic #prayerjournal

"The Cross - it’s a sign of faith, but not our faith in God.. It’s God’s faith in us!"

I am so thankful for my Catholic faith! On this most holy of days, we begin our Easter season in which we, as a faith community, celebrate Christ’s victory over death for not just one day, but fifty! What heights of love, what depths of peace! And joy, what joy we know in and with Him as He gives His victory to us!

I got to play and write, play and write this Holy Saturday about the GOOD works of art we are, not idle statues, but living beings created for doing!
"I met God. Who slowly, painfully and divinely pieced me back together."

— A line from an old journal I found (via selahtime)

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Reflecting on the word “passion” this Good Friday

Jesus didn’t numb Himself to His suffering; He didn’t just try to get through it. No, He chose to truly FEEL all of it for love of us! He is passionate for us!

And His mother, our Blessed Mother - she did not turn away from all that she knew He must endure; she journeyed with Him, suffered WITH Him.. She knew His passion!

Romans 13:8

Maeve & Spencer = True Love
Serving in Poland, 2012. My lectio from reading 2 this Palm Sunday: “at the name of Jesus every knee should bend” - every time I read these words, I think of the Visitation, when our Blessed Mother visits Elizabeth and John leaps for joy in her womb at Jesus’ presence (Luke 1:41-45).. I fall to my knees, remembering what He did for us, and I leap for joy in His victory over death!